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"As a salon owner my passion is for creating beautiful hair not tearing mine out over paperwork.

Since I began working with Payroll Processing Plus I have been able to concentrate on the parts of my business that I love and have left the rest to my payroll expert. No more forms that I don't understand. No forgetting deadlines and, most importantly, no payroll errors!

I can call anytime and get answers, quickly, to any of my questions from the friendly staff. Imagine that, being helped by real live people! It is also very important to me to be doing business locally with another family owned business.

Payroll Processing Plus has given me peace of mind that my payroll is taken care of and done correctly! They ARE the answer to all my payroll needs!"

-Carrie Simonson

Avenue 45 Hair Designers

Duluth, MN

"About two years ago I started searching for a payroll service that we could partner with. I spoke with a few services that were out of the Duluth Area and found they were not very user friendly to even talk with let alone being competitive. I also consulted with our accounting firm since they were familiar with us but they did not want to adapt to our schedule without additional costs.

Fortunately for me and GPM, I was directed to Kelly Erickson as a possible match for our needs. We spoke a few times before I had her send me an actual quote for their services and found that they were exactly what we were looking for. Kelly and her staff take great pride in the service they provide and do it at a very reasonable and competitive cost. Payroll and all the reporting that goes with are very time sensitive and confidential so outsourcing this was not a quick decision; however, once we partnered with Payroll Processing I'm 100% confident our employees will be paid on time and the various agencies are reported to and paid on time as well.

If someone is looking for great, personal service they need to look to Payroll Processing and I would be more than happy to give a reference."

-John Valla, General Mgr.

GPM, Inc.

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